Your resume is the most important tool when applying for a job.  A poorly presented or badly written resume is highly unlikely to pass the first review no matter what your qualifications or experience. It’s important to take time to write and review your resume. Below are some tips on how to make your resume the best it can be.

Example of heading order for Resumes

Contact Details
Make sure these are current, up to date and accessible to you at all time.

Professional Summary 
Write an overview of your employment history so far, highlighting any career or educational milestones. Make this relevant to the career path you want to follow and the role you’re applying for.

List of Qualifications/Licenses/Key Skills
List any short course or on the job training, First Aid courses, Computer skills such as Word Proficient, current licenses and any foreign language skills. Make sure these are relevant to the job, don’t just list everything you have every attended.

Educational Qualifications
Tafe, University or secondary school information.

Employment History
Start with your most recent employment position and work backwards. Include time frame of position, company you worked for and Job title on top. Underneath continue with a summary of your role and responsibilities. Note any key projects or career milestones made here.

Make sure whoever you list here knows you’re listing them and is will to give a good recommendation of your skill set. Make them as current as possible.


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