Registration Process:

1. Initial Screening:

Candidates must satisfy a minimum set of criteria before being granted an interview. Information is initially obtained by phone or from a resume submission to ensure your time is not wasted if a suitable position is not available.

2. Registration/Interview:

At the time of registration candidates are required to provide information regarding:

Our consultants conduct a one-on-one interview with all candidates to gather information about their skills, work preferences and suitability for various assignments. Long-term and short-term goals, employment history and any other items relevant to the position at hand.

3. Occupational Safety and Health Induction

All candidates are given an OS&H induction at our office at the interview stage, and we emphasise the absolute importance of safety in the workplace.

4. Reference Checks

A minimum of two recent referees are required to enable us to verify aspects of previous workplace behaviour and performance, skill levels, etc.

5. Recommend to Client:

If you have met the job specific criteria we forward your details to the client, who may wish to meet and interview you prior to commencing the position.

Place Candidates:

Once you have been placed, our consultant conducts a series of follow-ups with both you and the client to see that both parties are satisfied with the appointment.


Obtainium is located at:
Suite EC1, Endeavour Business Centre
32 Endeavour Road
Hillarys WA 6025

If you would like to contact us:
Phone: +61 8 6377 8900
Fax: +61 8 9244 8066
Email: info@obtainium.com.au